Fall 2022 D Teams Sign Ups

D Teams are a central component of the Deliberative Citizenship Initiative. These small groups of generally 6-10 people share a commitment to meet regularly, get to know each other on a personal level, and share their thoughts on difficult issues facing our society. D Teams provide a practical opportunity for individuals to engage across political and social differences, learn and practice deliberative skills, and discuss creative ideas to inspire change.

Fall 2022 D Teams will meet approximately every three weeks from October to November, for a total of 3 semester meetings. Each D Team will last two hours. The topics for fall D Teams are Election Accessibility, Election Security, and Election Fairness. Past topics have included abortion policy, gun policy, college admissions policy, healthcare, environmental challenges, local legacies of slavery, the Covid-19 pandemic, economic mobility, and more.

Please complete the information below by Sept. 2 if you would like to join a D Team for the fall semester. The DCI leadership team will form and notify all teams by early September. For more information about D Teams and the Deliberative Citizenship Initiative, please visit the DCI's website

If you have any questions about D Teams, please email dci@davidson.edu.
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SkillBuilder D Teams focus more on the skills of dialogue and deliberation and may not have as great a diversity of views as the BridgeBuilder D Teams. To join a BridgeBuilder Team, which are designed to include and engage a broader diversity of perspectives, participants need to sign up with at least one individual who is ideologically or demographically different from themselves. Both teams – like all DCI activities -- will continue to explore both areas of agreement and disagreement on important issues. If you'd like to join a BridgeBuilder Team, please be sure to include the name of the person you're inviting in the question below.

Please indicate which type of team you prefer.

Below is a sample email you can use to invite someone to a BridgeBuilder Team:

Dear ______,

I am writing to invite you to join a Deliberative “D” Team through Davidson College’s Deliberative Citizenship Initiative. The purpose of these teams is to bring together people with diverse perspectives to discuss contentious issues in a meaningful, productive manner. These small teams of typically 6 to 10 people will meet for two hours every three weeks from September to November to discuss the topics of Election Inclusion: Voter Suppression, Election Security: Voter Fraud, Election Reform: Voter Exclusion. You may learn more about D Teams here.

Will you join me in signing up for a D Team? If so, that would be great! Hopefully we have some overlapping availability and they will be able to put us on the same team.  You can register here – the deadline is August 15, 2022.



If you indicated you'd like to join a BridgeBuilder team above, please enter the name of the person you have invited to join a D Team below. If you have been invited by someone to join a D Team, please indicate their name here too.  Assuming you have overlapping availability, we will do our best to place you on the same team.  
OPTIONAL: We also offer a "Bring a Friend" option for D Teams. If you are interested in joining but are hesitant because you might not know anyone in the group or won't share important things in common with other participants, you can sign up with a friend who you do share something in common with. Please include the name of the person below and we will put you on the same D Team together, assuming you have overlapping availability. Please try to coordinate with your friend so that you both list at least one common time that both of you are available to participate on a D Team.